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ConnQuest Dobermans

Who We Are

I purchased my first Doberman in 1991 and

their presence in my life has been growing ever since. At first, I had no idea what the difference was between a 'show' quality dog or a 'pet' quality dog. I just loved Dobermans. I purchased my first show quality Doberman in 2002, 'Sha're', Can Ch. Ambermark Welcome To My World and helped show her to her Canadian Championship. I had hoped that Sha're would be the foundation of my kennel but that was not to be.

I attended my first US National in 2007 and had the pleasure of spending time with Sharon Pflueger of Goldgrove Dobermans. Sharon has bred more than 120 American Champions and has been active in the breed for 40 years. Sharon took me under her wing and became my mentor. We have spent countless hours discussing the proper conformation of the Doberman. Sharon knew that I wanted my own kennel and also knew what a beautiful Doberman should look like.

My whole world of Dobermans changed in 2008 when I met my husband Greg and he shared my passion. We both wanted to be part of the show world and wanted to compete not only in Canada but the U.S. as well. We strive to have both conformation titles on all of our breeding stock.

In fall 2008, I purchased 'Dani', Am. Gch/Can Ch. Goldgrove Quest For A Second Win. Dani finished easily in Canada and in the US. She is a beautiful example of our standard. Our kennel name shares part of her registered name. And so ConnQuest Dobermans was born. Dani's structure and type will be the signature of what we strive to reproduce.

Greg and I purchased our next great show dog in 2010. 'Gage', MBIS MBISS Can. GrChEx / Am. GrCh Goldgrove High Intensity CGN. Gage finished both conformation titles at 1 year of age! He is a beautiful example of what a male Doberman should look like and will be the foundation sire of our kennel.

Our breeding lines are primarily American with some South American. We do not breed Euro Dobermans.

We have the pleasure of working with another icon in our breed, Colleen Nicholson of Kelview Dobermans. We look forward to a long lasting wonderful relationship.

As we continue this journey we will be forever grateful to those who have taken the time to mentor and to help us along the way. We look forward to our future in Dobermans, as well as expanding our knowledge and educating others in this wonderful breed.


As Doberman Pinscher fanciers, we are constantly learning and will continue to educate ourselves and others, to ensure that this outstanding breed will continue to flourish.